What is a Nursing Assistant

Nurses, Physicians, Family members and other healthcare professionals need a reliable assistant.

A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, provides bedside care and interaction with a patient as he helps with the patient’s ADL or activity of daily living under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

Requirements  for certification include completing CNA classes from a licensed NATP or CNA School.  He would have to finish CNA Training program which includes 60 hours of theory and 100 hours of clinical.

CNA Course in a snapshot

CNA Program route

Take CNA Classes from CAL ACE Nursing Academy. The 60 modules discuss module one (1) up to module 17 including module 18 which is Leadership for healthcare workers.

Students may choose the 3 week route or the 7 week route of the CNA program at CAL ACE Nursing Academy. Schedules are morning, evening, and daily classes.

ACCREDITATION: The program is accredited by the California Department of Public Health with Provider Identification Training Number ELS 41 which is effective until 11/18/2023.

Welcome to the Community


CAL ACE Nursing is an equal opportunity CNA School, Our CNA Classes are offered to all who may be interested in upgrading their career. Our CNA Program requires:

 At least 16 years old and resides in California

 Social Security Number ( if no SSN, ITIN is accepted)

 Has Calif ID, or Driver’s license, or your country’s Passport

 BLS, Covid 19 shots,  TB Test result or Chest Xray

 Fingerprint/Background check form completed, Form 238B

Course Modules

17 Core + 1 Elective Module

 1: Introduction to Nurse Assistant

 2: Patient/Resident Rights

 3: Communication/Interpersonal Skills

 4: Management of Catastrophe and Unusual Occurrences

 5: Body Mechanics

 6: Medical and Surgical Asepsis

 7: Weights and Measures

 8: Patient Care Skills

 9: Patient Care Procedures

 10: Vital Signs

 11 :  Nutrition

 12: Emergency Procedures

 13: Long Term Care Patient/Resident

 14: Rehabilitative Nursing

 15: Observation and Charting

 16: Death and Dying

 17: Patient/Resident Abuse

 18: Basic Leadership Course for Nursing Assistants (Elective)

Why choose CAL ACE

Your Best CNA Class Option

Whether you choose online cna classes or cna schools offering cna program  with flexibility on schedule, or quality education and training, CAL ACE Nursing Academy would be the best option.

Online and Secured
Records are secured

Your school records and documents are kept secured in the cloud

Choose Your Schedule
Your Time is Valued

Choose either 3 weeks or 7 weeks depending on your availability

Tuition Reimbursement
Get your Money Back

You can focus on your classes and not worry about finances


Which Time Do You Prefer?

We have devised a CNA class that will accommodate your availability because we understand you have other priorities.

(7-weeks) 9AM to 1PM for 3 weeks, MWF THEORY CLASS, Online or in-Person* then 4 Saturday/Sunday CLINICAL in-person

(7-weeks) 5PM to 9PM for 3 weeks, MWF THEORY CLASS, Online or in-Person* then 4 Saturday/Sunday CLINICAL in-person

(10-week) 8AM to 4PM with 4 weekends THEORY CLASS  Online or in-Person* then 4  weekends CLINICAL in-person.

(21 Days) 8AM to 4PM, 1 full-week Theory (Onine/In-person) and 2 full week Clinical, In person.

Sure Pass Exam App

Introducing the CNA Exam App

Lock in your guaranteed passing results by using our CNA program exam app. Our students took it seriously and all users achieved 100% passing score.- or your money back and keep the app.

  • Access anywhere, anytime 24/up uptime online access
  • No need to install space-consuming app. This platform is mobile-based.
  • Content is curated and based and patterened after the top questions used in the exams
  • Plug and play, more than 600 question items to practice and growing.
Tuition and Fees

Program Cost

Registration fee is locked at a non-refundable $200 only. We recommend students to secure their spots immediately.

Oct 4, Nov 8

7 Weeks

Monday to Friday$1,468
Oct 4, Nov 8

7 Weeks

Monday to Friday$1,468
Oct 4, Nov 8

3.5 Weeks

Monday to Friday$1,468
Class Orientation
October 4th, 2022In-Person
  • Uniform (Optional) $38
  • Textbook (Optional) $70
  • Livescan Fingerprint (DOJ) $47-$52
  • TB Test $30-$48
  • State Exam $120
  • Exam App (optional) $9.00
  • CPR-BLS (AHA) $70
Download our DOCUMENTS

Read Our Documents

Check out our program and business documentation. These are also available in public domain.

CDPH Approval
CITY Approval
Privacy Policy
Terms of Service

Program Road Map

Below is an illustration of the student’s journey in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Students complete their registration
  • Expectations clarified
Oct 4, Nov 8
  • Students are made aware about the program
  • Calendar, requirements, etc
Module 1-3
  • Theory topics continued
  • Initial practices on care skills
Module 4 to 5
  • Theory topics continued
  • Initial practices on care skills
Module 6-8
  • Theory topics continued
  • Initial practices on care skills
Module 9-11
  • Theory topics continued
  • Initial practices on care skills
Module 12-17
  • Theory topics continued
  • Initial practices on care skills
Clinical Trainiig
  • Studenrts do clinical rotations
  • Actua floor training on the different CNA Skills
Class Graduation
  • Students graduate from the program
  • Will march to receive their certificate of Program Completion
Skills Practices
  • Students continue to master their skills
  • Getting ready for the State Skill exam
Skills and Written Exams
  • Candidates take the Written and skills test
  • Once passed, the CNA will receive his license
Meet The Team

Admin Team

Our team of Instructors are passionate and highly skilled in teaching. They have strong background and experience in the healthcare industry

Dr. Cliff Roperez
School Admin and Owner

Doctor of Business in Leadership, Licensed Nurse, Director of Staff Training and Development, Executive Coach, and Author of 5 books on Leadership

Marilyn Roperez
Executive Admin (Co-Owner)

Geriatric specialist, Certified Nursing Assistant, Logistics and Admin Manager for CAL ACE, Business partner, and entrepreneur.

Rebecca Calkins, RN
Program Director

Registered Nurse, Program Director for CAL ACE Nursing Academy. Healthcare hero based at Atherton Post Acute Care, Cat lover and advocate.

Akua Uhuru, LVN

DSD Certified, Licensed Nurse, CNA Instructor, passionate about teaching. Family man, generally helpful and down-to-Earth healthcare superhero.

Meet The Team


Our team of Instructors are passionate and highly skilled in teaching. They have strong background and experience in the healthcare industry

Md Naim Hossen
Web Admin and Support

Expert in Web Development, graphics design, support and general information technology. Loves traveling

Gelo Roperez
Logistics and Marketing

Logistics and support, Marketing and Kiosk Manager. Upkeeps financial records, and thunderbolt thinker, and entrepreneur.


Frequently asked questions

These are the commonly asked questions about CNA program in general. For more details, or queries that may not be here, please take the liberty to ask any of the school admins or send a text message, email, or call (408)9010080

CNA as the title suggests assists the licensed nurse in providing direct care to patients in the healthcare settings.

CAL ACE Nursing Academy offers fully-online Theory part of the program. The skills part would have to be supervised and needed to be in person modality.

Passsing rate is 100% on Skills, and 91% on Written Tests. More and more Certified CNA's graduate from this CNA School!

Go to www.cna.school and register online or in-person. You should attend the orientation of new students too to know more about your educational and training journey.

Before or when you become a CNA, you will choose a facility to work and they will refund your tuition fees 100%

Our current list include: Canyon Springs Post Acute care, White Blossoms Health Care, West Wood Post Acute, Amberwood, SunnySide Nursing and Post Acute care, Vallehouse Rehabilitation Center, Atherton Post Acute Care and more

All your expenses covering your registration, tuition and other fees. Facilities may also pay for a certain amount of referral fee to CAL ACE.

Facilities are eager ro absorb you as their new teammate. They may also give you a sign-on bonus for choosing them. Talk to the facility representative about the refund terms and conditions.

You will get a job while you are in your clinical rotation part of the program. This means that even before you graduate, you may already have a job if you prefer.

There are plenty of available facilities and hospitals to work when you become a CNA. You can choose which one is close to your home, better career management plan, culture of your choosing and other factors you considerin choosing an employer or workplace.


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